Thursday, March 5, 2015

7 Indoor Projects While Waiting for Springtime

Though my calendar tells me that Spring is right around the corner, it's a different scene outside my window with snow, ice, and below-freezing temperatures for the last 2+ months.

Not to mention snowmageddon is happening right now.

Here's how our roads looked a few hours ago:

It's still snowing, so a few inches more are on the roads now. It looks like we have at least 8 inches now. I'm staying put inside.



Even some friends who I know love winter are sick of this winter. Wish Winter would get a hint.

Well Mister Winter, I'm not letting you win. To keep the winter blues at bay (or cabin fever for that matter), I've rounded up a few indoor projects to keep us busy and creative until we no longer have to brace ourselves every time we step out our front door.

Update Your Drawer/Door Fixtures 

For a mere few dollars, you can transform every fixture in your house and probably still have some leftover in this little magical tube of metallic goodness, otherwise known as Rub n' Buff. Learn how to use it in Update All Your Fixtures for $3

I'm on a small mission to gold-ify my fixtures...hehe

Support Goodwill (Get rid of clutter)

How to de-clutter a room:

1. Get 2 bags - one for trash, one for donating (sometimes you may also need a third for items you can sell on ebay or craigslist).

2. Pick a room. Breathe. Don't get overwhelmed.

Because...How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time!

3. Break the room down into small, manageable "bites", such as "the dresser", "the closet", "the corner", and such. If you need to because of time/energy, break it down even more by, for example, going through one drawer of the dresser per day until the whole dresser is done.

4. Put on some fun music (in the mood for some bachata?) and get hopping!

5. Only keep what you actually use on a regular basis or absolutely love. Be ruthless and ask yourself "am I keeping this just because I "might" need it someday?".

6. Treat yourself to a peach iced tea as you survey your finished work. Or whatever you consider a treat. 

Organize a closet/cabinet/drawer/room

Now that you've gotten rid of some of that unnecessary clutter, it's time to get organized! There's lots of tools and items to choose from to help you best sort your spaces into useful ones (trip to Ikea, anyone?).

For some ideas, Home Talk's 30 Closet Organization Tips ought to get you started on the right path.

Via Shannon of Fox Hollow Cottage

[Check out my post for what $25 did to help organize my purses and shoes in my closet]

Repair and/or Paint Furniture

You know that piece you've been meaning to tackle? Yeah, that one. Now's your chance!

Not sure how to go about doing it?

Here's my guide for everything you need to know about prepping furniture before painting with milk or chalk paints.

Then here's a guide on how to mix powdered milk paint...

It's super easy with General Finishes paints - it's pre-mixed, no primer needed, and it's VOC free, so you don't have to worry about using it indoors, something I'm very grateful for this winter!

Make A Tufted Headboard

...Because why would you not want to?

How to make a Tall Tufted Headboard

This is a complete, step-by-step picture guided tutorial. It's much simpler than it looks to make too - if I did it, you certainly can too!

Fill a Blank Wall with Art

Blank walls are easy to solve. For inspiration of multiple ways to decorate your walls, pop over to 9 Ideas for that Blank Wall. You can use mirrors, gallery walls, large prints, even boat oars!

Do ONE Pinterest Project (you know, that one of many you've been meaning to do...)

This one is something I need to get my butt in gear over. Gotta stop pinning and just start doing, right?

For me, I'm thinking this one would be fun to finally tackle:

Via Lauren of Bless'er House

What are some of your to-do projects before Springtime?

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