Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Beauty & the Beast Live-Action Dream Cast

Ok. Gotta say it.

Since Emma Watson announced she is playing Belle in the live-action Beauty and the Beast, I've become more interested in the movie. Emma is perfect for the role. Waaaay happy that they spared us from can-only-do-one-expression Kristen Stewart, who was also rumored for the part.

And I can't help but now make a wishlist for the Beast and Gaston. Just for fun.

Shall we?

Gaston needs someone who can pull off a character that we find fun to watch despite his narcissism. We need attitude, humor, handsome face and good build. Who's my choice?

Chris Pratt.

If you've seen Guardians, you know why he'd be able to slip right into this character and be just the antihero we hate to like. He'd flash his charming smile one second, and be gazing at himself in the mirror with admiration all while delivering his lines with a humorous attitude and ignorance with ease.

The Beast. We need someone who is intense, gruff, harsh, deliberate, yet can show a gentle and vulnerable side.

This one took a little more deliberation, and a tie.

Karl Urban

Chris Hemsworth

Both of these guys could bring the necessary personality to The Beast. It really is a toss-up.

Which of these two has your vote?

Any others you'd like to see considered for the parts?

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