Monday, January 12, 2015

Treasure Hunting - Jan 2015

Early last week before I got hit with the plague, I went to a multi-estate auction to find some new pieces to makeover...and oh man, that place tempted me with so much awesome that it's a wonder I was able to keep to my plan of what to buy and came out of there alive!

It was a warehouse of furniture there folks. A warehouse.

It was so hard not to give in, especially as items went at such bargain prices (don't even get me started on the campaign entry table!).

I got this vintage Turkish woven rug for a steal - $21! (that includes the auction fees and taxes!). I'll be using it for us, but also as a great staging piece when I do some finished furniture photoshoots in the future.

Love love love it.

Then I "went all in" Vegas-style and put my money on a bedroom set to redo. It wasn't the one I had initially set my sights on, but I'm good with scoring my 2nd favorite.

Hubs and I loaded them up in the middle of a snowstorm and made our way home with our treasures, then unloaded them in the bitter cold and into the house. The set came with a high and low dressers, matching side tables, heavy-duty mirror (and I mean it was HEAVY!), and a headboard/footboard, so it was quite a lot of lifting in one day, but hopefully worth it!

I haven't been able to inspect them more closely for a brand name or such since I got sick the next day, but these have good bones and I'm trying to figure out paint colors now that my fever broke and I'm just hacking out my lungs every 10 seconds instead.

Any good thrift store or auction finds for y'all recently?

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