Monday, January 19, 2015

Namaste GF Pancake/Waffle Mix {Review}

Breakfast has always been a difficult one for me since being diagnosed with Celiacs. I'm sure it is for many of us. Our usual world of pastries, cereal, bagels, and other wheat-centered starts to the day that you can just grab and immediately eat are suddenly cut away, and we're often left scrambling for replacements.

In the past I'd had GF store-bought breads that I'd toast in my own individual toaster, but at $5 a loaf (and they're small loaves), and eating 2 loaves per week, it added up very fast. Therefore when I started to feel ill a few years ago from the brand of bread I'd been using (I'm guessing they changed their process or sourcing), I gave the bread up and looked elsewhere.

Since then it's been a lot of trial and error: I haven't had much luck with cereals agreeing with me (hot or cold), sausage and bacon take time to make and I don't always have time for them (and can also be expensive), I can't eat more than one egg without getting ill, and I don't have time to whip up from-scratch pancakes or waffles and such every morning. So lately I've been desperate when it comes to instant breakfast mornings: a green smoothie, banana, and granola bar just weren't cutting it...

...especially when I've been trying to GAIN weight.

I've known for awhile that I couldn't keep on the same path if I wanted to have a decent breakfast and stand a chance at gaining weight, so I decided to take the dive and try a GF/milk-free, even POTATO FREE (that's a big one to try and find!) waffle/pancake mix from Namaste that I had deemed too expensive in the past. [Namaste Pancake/Waffle Mix]

For thrifty math nerds like myself, I found it's not as expensive as I first thought. More on that in a bit...

When my package arrived today, I immediately ran with it to the kitchen. No joke.

The waffle griddle got warmed up as I whipped up the mix, which needed me to only add some oil, eggs, and milk (I used Lactaid - they say you can use water instead).

...Poured it into the waffle griddle and stuck the lid down, and waited... was smelling really good.

Karl came into the kitchen to investigate, having followed his nose. This mix was already working its magic.

As I finally lifted the lid, I can not tell you how flippin' excited I was when I saw how they'd turned out...!

They were PERFECT.

I got them onto a plate and just gaped at them.

Took a bite...and died.

These babies were fluffy, delicious, crispy on the nom nom nom....

This picture is my only evidence that they ever existed.

Oh my gosh, these GF waffles were AMAZING (worth every penny!). Karl ate some and still wonders how they're even GF. I'm still wondering too...

I used their directions for one serving and it made 6 waffles. Being so big, 2 of them filled me up, so I stored the rest for the next 2 days of breakfast.

Now here's the fun part for us thrifty math nerds: there's 2 servings per bagged mix, meaning 12 waffles per bag. If you get the bulk mix with the "Subscribe & Save" price on Amazon, that means $5.41 per bag, or $.45 per waffle. At 2 waffles a day for breakfast, that means I'm spending only $.90 per GF breakfast, or $5.41 for 6 days worth of breakfast.

I can live with that.

Y'all, Namaste is the promised land for us Celiacs! I've also ordered their pizza/breadstick mixes and it should be arriving tomorrow, mwhahahaaa....

Note: I was not asked by Namaste for this review or given any samples from them. This is purely my crazy ravings about an awesome product. This post does contain an affiliate link to where I got the mix on Amazon, which means I'd receive a percentage of a product bought through my links that goes towards supporting this blog. Thanks!

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