Friday, January 2, 2015

Half Moon Vintage Table {And Why Stenciling is My Nemesis}

Happy New Year! 2015 y'all! Crazy, right?

So because I want to start the new year in a good way, I'm going to make my first blog post of the year be one with dark, not-so-great photos.

Yup. Way to set the bar high.

I do apologize for the dark half-moon table pictures. I took them in a half-dazed state at 3am when I was down to the wire with getting projects finished... yay for project hiccups that keep you up way late.

Anywho...I did this table upcycle project as a Xmas gift for my sis-in-law, Chels. The table was given to me, waiting for me to do something with it. As usual, it had seen better days.

Here's the before - prepare thyself:

A loose joint at the far right leg, and LOTS of surface damage and cracking. I got my Gorillia glue out for the leg and wood filler for the tabletop and got working.

After letting both set, I lightly sanded the whole piece to get the surfaces a bit more even, then painted it in good 'ol "Linen" colored milk paint by General Finishes (it's such a great color).

I was doing pretty well now - the table's surface looked nice and smooth, the paint looked wonderful...

...and then I made a mistake.

My plan all along had been to do some kind of nice design on the tabletop. Knowing that she likes daisies (which I found out afterwards she's kinda losing interest in daisy things, so that was a silver lining...), I found and bought a stencil of one that I thought would look good...with a 55% off coupon too, so I was pretty happy and thinking things would be great...

I went home and did the stencil.

It turned out bad.

Really bad.

NOT at all how I pictured it looking...

Keeping it real in the DIY world here...

Plan B was to sand it until it was lightly showing. It did get lighter, but it didn't look any better.

So I went to Plan C, which included sanding the area completely and repainting the top of the table ...all over again.

While waiting in-between paint coats to dry, I knew I wanted a typography design this time, so I looked around online and found just the ticket!

Only recently I'd learned and had been using a method of transferring ink to wood, so I was feeling more confident that I'd be able to pull off this method. The tricky part would be making sure that I laid it straight and centered when I transferred it, because once I placed the ink down, there was no going back.

I really didn't want to have to repaint that tabletop again. 

With much care I transferred the ink, and thank goodness, this time it went without a hitch and came out looking AWESOME.

I did some distressing to the piece to go with the vintage tabletop, then stood back and admired the handiwork. 

It came out different, but much better than I had initially pictured. Not bad for my first furniture try at ink transfer (and a relief!).

I'll be doing a full "How To" soon for the ink transfer method (it's REALLY simple, trust me).

P.S. - my sis-law liked the table very much. ;)

New York vintage art via the Graphics Fairy.

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