Monday, September 22, 2014

Back from Breakk

No, that's not a miss-spelling in the title.  In fact, it's the name of an upcoming App I've been filming a commercial for these last two weeks, hence the lack of updates on here.  Now that it's a wrap, it's time I shared a little!

The crew was small, consisting of only the Director and myself as Producer. Right from the get-go, this was a project that we had to hit the ground running.  We had/have one month to do everything.

One month to hire actors, secure locations, get props/costumes, become insured, film the stories, and edit.  To give ya'll an idea of the normal time frame, one month is usually just enough for pre-production on a project of this size, let alone more time for filming and post.

Therefore, in order to have at least 2 weeks for editing, we needed to get everything/everyone lined up almost simultaneously while shooting the film during the first 2 weeks.  This made for diving straight into the project in high gear.

I loved it.

As I started contacting people, the response was nothing short of wonderful - folks were stepping up to fill the characters roles and/or offering locations/props for this project, and thus pre-pro and filming days were made easier, if not a lot of fun because of it. To quote the little green alien dudes from Toy Story, "You have saved our lives, we are eternally grateful".

I am unable to disclose the stories we filmed yet, but here's some sneak peeks from behind the scenes!  (I will update y'all on where you can watch the finished commercial sometime next month!)

the site of fierce competition
the "vacay"gals with their "creepy" mowing neighbor
the gals acted like it was a muggy hot day when in reality it was a chilly autumn day, with ice cold pool water included - kudos to them!
the road we filmed the girls driving to the lake
the getaway vehicle for the gals - awesome, right?!
lake destination achieved
Horse-head boy and our retro Disco DJ
ze Director
the "modern day" DJ
pizza delivery!
our basement got flipped into a raging dance club scene
It was all pure movie magic going on in this project for things to have run with so few hiccups as it did, especially when done at breakneck speed.  Major thank you's to everyone who took part in making this commercial come alive!

Can't wait to see the finished piece!

P.S. - in case any of you think that everything in show-biz is glamorous, lol

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