Monday, July 7, 2014

Oppa Front Porch Style!

Can you guys believe it's already July!  Summer's going by too fast!

Between picnics, long walks, hanging out with friends, swimming, and other summer fun, our front porch has been evolving again.  When we first moved in almost 2 years ago it looked like this:

By the end of last summer we had happened upon some great deals and upgraded to this:

Now here's where we are so far this summer:

We got the bench for $20 at an estate sale in May.  The tall black pots by the front door were bought at the end of the season last summer at more than half off, and all the flowers we have this year were free because of a Lowes giftcard we received.   Dunno why my ferns haven't been doing as well this summer - you can see they look dry in some areas, even though I've watered them the same way I did last year.  :(  Oh well.  I hear they're tricky suckers sometimes...any tips?

I moved the tall red pot to be by the garage on the driveway to give some color to that area as well this year.

I'm aiming to have some seat cushions and pillows for the bench yet this summer - I know the "look" I want (red, black, & white will be the main colors), but haven't gotten around to searching for the fabric to make them yet.  

We're also on the lookout for some nice big lounge chairs and a small side table for the porch (when that happens we'll probably move the rattan chairs to the back yard).  We recently went to an estate auction that had some awesome chairs, but alas they went for far more than we'd budgeted (but we did come away w/ some great shelving for our garage!). 

We still sit out on a porch multiple evenings and enjoy having a place to escape the hot house.  Here's to summer porch sitting!

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