Saturday, February 2, 2013

Treasure Hunting

I'm still cementing my post about an updated look for our living room, but in the meantime I've been stumbling upon some pretty neat items.

The other weekend I was in a consignment store to check out their furniture and paintings for sale.  I found one I liked of an old 1800's naval ship, but they wanted $60 for it (a lot of their things were too over-priced for my budget).  So I went to a nearby thrift store and this mini painting (below) caught my eye.  I don't usually get drawn towards city-scapes, but this one just captured me and wouldn't let go (I even went around the store again to give it some thought before coming back to snatch it).  At a pricetag of $2, I was excited to walk away with this find!

I replaced the original ugly gold frame it came in for a white frame from the Christmas Tree Shop ($7).  Now it sits on the wall keeping Leo company.

filling up the blank wall bit by bit!

Speaking of Leo, I was so excited this past week in another store when lo and behold, a small statue of a lion sat on a shelf next to Buddha and an elephant.  My wallet is now $6 lighter and he sits on the temporary hall table.  I have plans of painting him....leaning towards a white top-coat with a worn gray underneath (gold just doesn't suit my taste).

In other news, this is the month our couch is to be delivered!  :-D

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