Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Design Dilemma - Living Room (Revisited)

As promised, today we're revisiting the living room with a new mood board that I've been creating over time as we've twiddled our thumbs, waiting for the holy grail our sofa to arrive.  First, to spark your memory, here's the initial mood board for the living room that Karl and I came up with to mesh our furniture/decorating tastes back in October (original entry here):

You can see in the first mood board how we had a lot of neutral tones, and a few accessories that had blue, brown, gray (and very small hints of red, green, and yellow).

Now nearly 5 months later, we've had time to move on from this neutral "playing it safe" room, and get a little more adventuresome with colors.

As I was looking through pictures on pinterest of living rooms again one day, I started to see a pattern with the colors of the rooms I was pinning.  Earthy colors of reds, golds, and blues were dominating.  Karl liked the rooms as well when I showed them to him, so I began to drum up ideas for ways to improve our living room idea.  Here's some of my pinterest examples of the Living Rooms that got thumbs up from the both of us:

Karl, though he doesn't like the style of the furniture in this one (above) as we found when we were creating our first mood board, he does like the colors

So in phase #2, we've kept much of the aesthetics of what we were originally aiming for in the first mood board: earthy colors, natural textiles like wood and woven fibers, a bit of steampunk snuck in, and an overall cozy feeling.  But now we have much more color, and are pretty pleased with our daring selves.  May I present, Living Room oh-so-much-better mood board #2! :

I'll spare y'all and not go into as much detail about each of the items in this one as I did the first, but I will say that the rug is definitely what we're using as the focal point.  Also, the rug on this board has more red in it than we're looking for - if we can find one with more navy blue in it, that'd be perfect.

The wood slatted shutters behind the sofa are an idea we're toying with - we'll see if we can't find something like them, or perhaps even make?

Steel bluish-gray curtains to neutralize the other colors in the room, rustic wood furniture, some greens from plants, and bits of blue thrown in with the decor for a companion to the red....we're excited!  What do you guys think?  Any suggestions?

[Edit: see our 2014 home tour here]


  1. Exciting to see you dreaming and revising, discovering your style and taking your time with it to make sure it's really you!!

    1. Hi Jessi! Thanks, it is a fun process (emphasis on the process, hehe). It's been neat in the same way to watch your talent grow in your photography! Love what you're doing!


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