Thursday, October 4, 2012

Moving Right Along

Thought it was high time I updated about how the process of packing for the big move has been going!  Other than stubbing our toes a lot more as we meander through the indoor box maze we've built, it's gone pretty well, and we move this Saturday.

Let me rephrase that.

We.  As in us!  MOVE.  FINALLY.  this SATURDAY!

*does a little jig*

As most of you who have gone through moving-pains can attest to, it requires packing, packing, and more packing....and then some lifting.  Make that lots of lifting. 

That has been the extent of our lives for the past two weeks.  We come home from our jobs.  We pack.  Go to bed.  Repeat.  But we're so HAPPY to be moving, that we are pretty chipper about the whole process.

I've been bubbling with inspiration on how to arrange/decorate the new place as well (posts to follow about this!).  To give you all some perspective, this is a picture of our current basement apartment's living room area:

behold: our one window in the whole apartment

This is a preview of the living room in our new place:

  biiig window and lovely working fireplace

This is our current apartment kitchen/dining area:
This is a preview of our dining room, and our separate kitchen:

dining room with a window...and lots of "boxen" 

kitchen with a window view from the sink!

And you wonder why we're excited.  ;)
p.s. - Seriously, just that we'll now have more than one window makes us happy about the new place.  :-P

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