Thursday, May 3, 2012

What I'm Digging

It's a new month, and with it, some new things that I'm currently digging:

The genius that is Julian Smith with "Buffering"

I've been following the guy on Youtube for awhile, but just had to share his newest video.  His videos don't disappoint, yo.  He even destroyed a macbook for this MV.  (p.s. - I still get his "Randy" song stuck in my head at random times).

The Honey Trees "To Be With You"

I'm a tad late with this song, but I don't care.  I like it.  (Did you catch the Harry Potter reference in the video?)

Red Apple Lipstick - Gluten-free!

Right now Red Apple Lipstick offers the "lipstick exchange", in which you send them your used, hated lipsticks you're stuck with, and they'll reduce the price of the GF lipstick tubes you order to a nice $10!

I'm planning on ordering from them this month, soon as I can dig up some unwanted lipsticks from my mom or friends (I threw mine out years ago after being diagnosed with Celiacs).  You can count on there being a review when I get them!!  ^_^

I am geeking out over this lil gem.  You're going to find this out sooner or later, so here it is: I love anime and manga.  This past winter, manga artist Tite Kubo made this color art of my favorite fictional gal/kindred spirit, Rukia (from Bleach).  Note her phone.

Then I was browsing The Little Dust Princess' fashion blog today, and what do my eyes see?!

 (photo from The Little Princess fashion blog)

My reaction: "You mean they really do exist?!"

Mind = blown.  They're called the "Rabito case", and now I'm looking around at the different colors you can get them in while giggling to myself.  My husband just shakes his head at me - he's used to me by now.

Shinhwa "Venus"

Starting to see a theme?  I've been a Kpop fan since finding it 3 years ago via Simon & Martina when I was randomly exploring S. Korean culture and teaching English there.  I had not known of Shinhwa (and have since rectified that by finding a bunch more of their songs) until they relaunched this past March, and their new single seems to be getting the attention they wanted for their comeback, as it is very catchy. (which balances out the MV's cheesiness.  But I do like the sets and choreography).

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