Friday, April 27, 2012

"Guests of a Nation" - That's A Wrap!

As of this past Saturday (21st), the Guests of a Nation production has been completed, and we're officially in post!  I can't rave enough how beautiful even just the raw footage is, how phenomenal the cast was, and dedicated the crew have been.

L-R: actors Andy Breving (L) & Mark Sullivan (R) practicing with the prop gun, actor Nick Groch having his makeup touched up by flashlight, actors and director hanging out between setups, actors being prepped, actors Todd Lawson (L) and Shawn Feehly (R), actor Jon Mulhearn

This past weekend of filming brought a new set of challenges.  Besides the fact that we were reaching the limits of our shoe-string budget, and time restraints were weighing on us for using a certain location, the most worrisome was the weather forecast that kept predicting significant rainfall for the entire weekend.  Thankfully, as we got closer to the 2nd weekend of filming, the forecast kept moving the rain back until only Saturday night and Sunday were a wash-out.

Originally we'd planned the last scene for Sunday morning, but because of the forecast we changed the schedule so that we'd wrap things on Saturday night.  Saturday was still a chance of rain all day, but the day came and was encouragingly sunny and warm.

Although there were some hiccups, we managed to crank out scenes on Fri and Saturday like clockwork.  In fact, we'd just finished filming our last shot at the national park Saturday evening when the rain started, and nearly everything had already been packed for the company move to our final location that night.  By the time we pulled into the final location that night, the t-storm was letting up, and we were able to start setting up for the scene within 30 mins.  Very good timing!

 Actors L-R: Mark Sullivan, Andrew Breving, and JonMulhearn - photo courtesy of David Speers

 Actor Conor Fallon - photo courtesy of David Speers

 Director Dan Speers (L) conferring with DP, Matt Joffe (R) - photo courtesy of David Speers

Getting to work with old and new friends alike was such a treat with this project.  Couldn't have done it without everyone involved!  I proudly present the cast and crew of Guests of a Nation:


I'll be adding updates to the film's progress as they come.  Stay tuned!

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